Consultation Services

The JCB offers Ethics Program Development consulting services to healthcare organizations on a not-for-profit basis. There are three modular services:

  1. Ethics Strategic Planning
  2. Ethics Program and Service Development
  3. Ethics Core Training & Education.

These services are suitable for organizations seeking to develop an ethics program or to revitalize an existing ethics program.


Ethics Strategic Planning

The JCB will:

  • Conduct an Ethics Institutional Scan to assess the organization’s ethics needs, to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth or improvement in its existing ethics capacity, and to provide a strategic analysis, including key strategic issues and preliminary recommendations. The Ethics Institutional Scan involves: a) On-line Ethics Needs Assessment survey, b) Interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders, and c) Document review (e.g., recent accreditation reports).
  • Facilitate a half-day Ethics Strategic Planning Retreat with key stakeholders to develop a vision and 3-year goals/priorities for the Ethics Program based on the institutional scan findings and strategic analysis.
  • Develop an Ethics Program Development Proposal with key recommendations ethics program structure, accountability, and human resourcing to achieve the organization’s ethics vision and priorities.


Ethics Program and Service Development

The JCB will:

  • Provide advice on operationalizing the Ethics Program Development Proposal, including support for identifying ethics program leaders, hiring an ethicist (as appropriate), clarifying resource requirements, creating and implementing ethics program structures (e.g., committees), and developing an evaluation strategy.
  • Coordinate with ethics program leaders to finalize an Ethics Program Operating Plan with clear action steps accountabilities and indicators of success linked to program priorities.


Ethics Core Training & Education

The JCB will:

  • Provide Ethics Core Curriculum Training for Ethics Team Members to strengthen their ethics knowledge and decision-making skills. This will involve two half-day sessions facilitated by an experienced JCB faculty member.
  • Conduct two Ethics Grand Rounds to build ethics awareness among staff. The topics of these Grand Rounds sessions will be identified based on the institutional scan findings and prioritized in coordination with the organization’s Ethics Team. These one-hour sessions will be facilitated by JCB ethicists.


Relevant JCB publications include:

Gibson JL, Godkin MD, Tracy, CS, MacRae SK. Innovative strategies to improve effectiveness in clinical ethics. In: Singer PA, Viens A (Eds.), The Cambridge Textbook of Bioethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008, pp. 322-328.


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