About Us: Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Leading the world in integrating bioethics research, education and practice to improve health.


Our Mission

The JCB improves health by demonstrating leadership in:

  • Fostering exemplary bioethics practice through knowledge translation and exchange.
  • Providing highest quality bioethics education to students and professionals.
  • Conducting innovative research and scholarship.
  • Engaging in dialogue with patients and caregivers, providers, policymakers, and the public about local and global bioethics issues.

Core Values

Excellence and Innovation – in striving for and adhering to the highest standards of scholarship, critical thinking, professionalism and leadership across the knowledge continuum in bioethics.

Partnership and Collaboration – in identifying, evaluating, and addressing bioethics issues and questions.

Inclusiveness and Respect – in engaging diverse perspectives and communities.

Accountability – in all our activities to all our stakeholders.

Social Responsibility – in meeting the health needs of individuals and populations in local and global settings by illuminating and addressing current and emerging health challenges.


Strategic Directions

The JCB’s new strategic plan emphasizes the JCB’s leadership role in integrating bioethics research, education, and practice to improve health. The strategic directions outlined below provide a framework to advance the JCB’s new vision and mission.

  1. Communities of Practice & Scholarship: Optimize the impact of the JCB communities of practice and scholarship to lead in knowledge creation, translation and exchange in bioethics.
  2. Education: Prepare our learners, educators, researchers, and practitioners for leadership in bioethics.
  3. Research & Knowledge Translation: Lead novel research in bioethics and apply innovative knowledge translation and exchange strategies to improve health for local and global populations.
  4. Public Engagement: Create an effective forum for public engagement with patients and caregivers, providers, policy makers and the public about bioethics issues in health.
  5. Partnerships: Cultivate excellence in bioethics through partnership and collaboration within the University of Toronto and with other academic centres and health sector organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.
  6. Sustainability & Growth: Establish a sustainable infrastructure and resource base for ongoing growth.